Shopplr goes live

Today I am launching this new shopping blog called Shopplr. Why? Because it’s hard to find good boutiques for men and women that sell clothes that I (and my friends) want to wear. It’s not that we hate large department stores and chains, but we’d rather wear pieces that no one else is wearing. For that reason, we prefer up-and-coming designers whose sense of fashion and style don’t reach back to the 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s . . . I prefer to wear clothes that belong in this century. So I will be reporting about the best boutiques in San Francisco and elsewhere, young designers, established fashion houses that do offer unique, edgy looks, and whatever else comes up in the course of running this blog.

In addition, I will be covering the best fashion, beauty and style deals. In today’s tough economic climate, we’re all watching our budgets so it’s even more important to spend wisely.

Another thing I’ll be providing you: shopping maps and itineraries. So when you visit San Francisco, Amsterdam, Paris and other cities, you’ll have an up-to-date guide on where to find funky, chic clothes, shoes and accessories. And don’t worry, I’ll also tell you where to find good food (thanks to my other blog, Mapplr, which is THE site for finding the best restaurants, cafes and boutique hotels around the world).

About Esme Vos

Esme Vos is the founder of Shopplr, a site on fashion, beauty and design. Esme is the founder of (travel guides and hotel reviews) and MuniWireless (WiFi networks).