Use Ebay to save on expensive hair and beauty products

Here’s a tip from a friend who buys her Jan Marini and Peter Thomas Roth skin care products on Ebay. She says that with many salons going out of business, salon owners have been putting their inventory on Ebay. I decided to test if this is true for my favorite hair product, Kerastase Mousse Nutri-Sculpt, which retails at salons for $30 (excluding sales tax).

I went to Ebay and found several people selling it for $18 to $19 but with shipping fees of around $5. The discount isn’t sgnificant enough to get me to buy. I found one salon owner who had a batch of 20, and offered to pay $30 for two bottles, but she declined. If I wait two more months, I will see even more of this Kerastase product come on Ebay, and then I’ll start bidding.

So head over to Ebay and do a search for your favorite expensive hair and skin care products. Don’t bid the first time, just watch and see what people are paying and look for sellers who have a lot of inventory.

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  1. Great tip!