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You can see from the title of this post that I can’t write advertising copy to save my life. After brooding for over ten minutes on how exactly to describe Strellson’s clothes, I gave up. Let me just start by saying that Strellson is my favorite men’s clothing brand. Every time one of my male friends asks me where he should buy clothes, I say Strellson. The problem is it’s not widely available (perhaps that’s a good thing too because I don’t want them to go mass market).

Strellson is a Swiss company based in Kreuzlingen that makes beautiful, wearable clothes for men. They have a more formal office line of suits and shirts, but their design really shines in their more relaxed collection of rough jackets, shirts, and trousers. The quality of the workmanship (i.e the stitching, button holes) of the shirts exceeds what you see in other men’s clothing brands. They use good fabric and they do not design the same old boring stuff that comes from the previous century: old-fashioned Brooks Brother’s type shirts and jackets, faux English upper-class hunting wear, preppy Great Gatsby sportswear.

Strellson is indeed very modern but they don’t go to extremes, nor do they slavishly follow trends (such as the hideous low-rise jeans and drainpipe trousers that are the scourge of the modern man looking for something good to wear). Arnon Kohavi, co-founder of Shopplr, visited Strellson’s recently opened Berlin store on Münzstrasse 8 and came away with two shirts that he now wears all the time. This is a guy who hates shopping, not because shopping is horrible in and of itself, but because you can’t find decent clothes unless you are shaped like a teenage male model (thin legs, thin arms, no waist), or you want to look like a suburban dad (sloppy baggy trousers, large baggy t-shirts).

It’s hard to believe that Strellson hasn’t made a bigger splash here in the US where men are just screaming for beautiful wearable sporty modern clothes that take them beyond the Brooks Brothers-Ralph Lauren-Tommy Hilfiger triumvirate, but which do not force them into looking like hip hop hoodlums.

Münzstrasse 8
Berlin, Germany

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  1. David Hamill says

    I just purchased my second Strellson suit, this time to be Father of the Bride and I do not understand why Strellson has not made a larger impact here in Canada. It is superb gear and cost effective too compared with some other top drawer menswear.

  2. Reece Ryzhkov says

    Is there any way of finding out those models names?