Coolest bike helmets ever from Catlike


If you were watching the Tour de France this year, you could not have missed the coolest cycling helmets ever made. They were worn by the Basque team Euskaltel-Euskadi (pictured above) and Team Cervelo. Who makes them? Catlike, a Spanish company based near Valencia. The distinctive style – oblong cutouts that look like the spots on a leopard – make these cyclists stand out from the rest. Now you too can look this cool and professional. Catlike is selling the helmets (which are called Whisper Plus) through distributors around the world, except it seems, in the United States. According to this review, they do a great job keeping your head cool (with 39 vents) while offering a lot of protection for your head.


Go to to find out more. And in the next post, I will feature fabulous cycling outfits from Etxeondo. You’ll be the envy of the road.

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