Cop.Copine adds a quirky twist to French chic


Here’s my latest article on NBC Bay Area news about Cop.Copine, a French brand that has just opened a store on Union Square in downtown San Francisco. Cop.Copine’s style is edgy and urban, a bit more high-tech and futuristic than agnes b. and Comptoir des Cotonniers, my other favorite French brands. But it’s still very feminine. What I like about Cop.Copine is that the clothes are eclectic and distinctive, but they don’t fall into the purgatory of the weird and unwearable. Once you’re in the store and you begin trying on the clothes, you’ll have a very difficult time figuring out which pieces to buy. You’ll want them all.

343 Powell Street (at Post)
San Francisco, CA
+1 415 989 9035

They just opened a store in the 2nd arrondissement in Paris, one of my favorite areas in the city, right on the rue Etienne Marcel. Watch the store opening video showing a model wearing some of their clothes. Cop.Copine has several stores in Paris.

Cop.Copine 2nd arrondissement store
37, rue Etienne Marcel
75001 Paris, France
+33 1 5300 9480

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