Philosophy Microdelivery Peel delivers a smoother, softer face


I’m very skeptical about the marketing babble around beauty products because most of the time, the products do not deliver the promised results. Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel, however, was a huge surprise. I was expecting to be disappointed but I ended up with a very smooth, soft face. The results are so impressive that I decided I did not need foundation after a session with this product.

It’s very easy to apply: you start with the yellow crystal paste which is in the jar. You massage it gently for a minute, then add the clear liquid which creates a foamy cream on your face. Gently massage some more for a couple of minutes and leave it on for another minute or two. After you wash it all off, you are left with beautiful skin.

You can buy Philosophy products at Sephora and any major department store, or you can go to which does not charge shipping or sales tax.

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