Minamoto Kitchoan: beautiful Japanese pastries in San Francisco


If you’ve been walking along Market Street in the Financial District of San Francisco, you might have noticed a small Japanese boutique that looks nothing like the pastry stores in the city. The shop is Minamoto Kitchoan, which sells wagashi, traditional pastries served at the tea ceremony. Everything is imported from Japan to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the pastries. The presentation is just as important as the taste. The pastries resemble large jewelry stones, and some of pieces are so beautiful you hesitate eating them. They come in beautiful boxes and wrapping.

The service is impeccable. The staff are Japanese and wear uniforms. They never rush you, but they are attentive to your needs. When you pay, they hand you the package with both hands and with a slight bow. I went to Japan last year and suddenly, after that one afternoon at Minamoto Kitchoan buying daifuku (mochi balls with bean paste), I found myself missing Japanese service (and daiufku) terribly. This is the place I would come to for a special gift (or to indulge in my favorite Japanese pastries).

Minamoto Kitchoan
648 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
(Note: They have stores in London, Singapore and New York.)

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