Beautiful vintage dresses on Etsy

I love the dresses on the television show, Mad Men. But it’s not easy to find them (although sites like are trying to help). I decided I would try and guess what, there they were: three elegant vintage dresses. The first two look very 1950s or early 1960s Dior and I can imagine myself floating down the Champs Elysees with white gloves and stilettos, stopping by a cafe to have an espresso.

This short sleeved black dress with buttons down the front and a size zipper is perfect for New Year’s Eve parties, the opera or the ballet. It costs $145.

This sophisticated navy blue dress with a big cream linen collar is something one might have worn for an outdoor soirée on a warm summer night in the south of France. It costs $145.

The third dress looks more swinging 60s in London. The high belted waistline and pleats suggest a carefree, girlish attitude. I love this dress because it looks serious (gray-blue) but very flirtations at the same time. Made out of a wool-polyester blend, it costs $88.

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