Bobbi Brown’s new Beauty Rules book

I have been a fan of Bobbi Brown’s makeup for years. Her philosophy: less is more; accentuate your unique features. The result is her products look good on all skin tones, for all ages.

Bobbi Brown is the pioneer of makeup for women of color in the United States. She started the whole trend towards using yellow-based foundation (for Asian women), offering a huge variety of dark foundations for women of African and Indian descent, and creating eye, cheek and lip colors that make women look elegant and respectable. After her, everyone else followed. She sold her company to the Estee Lauder Group many years ago, but continues to work for the brand and spread her philosophy.

Now she has a book called Beauty Rules filled with tips and examples on how to apply makeup that enhances one’s natural beauty. She uses real women – not impossibly gorgeous fashion models – and provides very timely advice for women of different ethnicities. It’s really a wonderful book and one that is sorely needed in an age when women, even in their teens, find it difficult to ignore the mass media messages that constantly tell them they are not pretty enough.

You can get Beauty Rules from the Bobbi Brown website.

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