Gorgeous silk embroidered skirt by Yooj

I love this beautiful pleated embroidered skirt by Yooj available from the Touch2Give website.

Kantha, double layered embroidered skirt. Embroidered Silk inside and outside. Product Size: 40 x 180 cm. Shipping from Italy. Price: 184 EUR.

Yooj is based in Milan. It was founded by Jeong-Ah Yoo, formerly the designer behind KRIZIA.

Other items by Yooj include this exquisite Gujarat belt (embroidered silk, cotton on the inside, made by artisans) and a red and gold Kantha scarf (embroidered silk).

gujarat belt by yooj

kantha scarf by yooj

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Claire Chung, founder of Touch2Give writes:

“During a trip to India, Jeong-Ah met an Italian priest by the name of Father Giovanni who had organized a group of women from a village in Bengal to create an embroidery workshop. When Jeong-Ah met these women, she discovered their unique embroidery traditions and was inspired and created YOOJ to share the joy of creativity and combining “high fashion” of Milan and Paris with traditional Bengali embroidery.”

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