Holiday 2010 gift guide: top 5 iPad cases

If you know someone who has an iPad but no case, or if you are giving someone an iPad and want to include a case, check out these five stunning iPad cases that will delight any iPad user.

(1) DodoCase: I reviewed Dodocase previously on Shopplr and I find it to be an outstanding iPad case. I have taken my iPad on numerous trans-Atlantic trips inside the Dodocase. It is sturdy and attractive, and it does protect the iPad very well. Added security bonus: when it is lying on a table or when I’m carrying it in my arms, it looks like a large Moleskin notebook, meaning, it does not attract the attention of thieves. Price: $59.95. Read review of Dodocase.

dodocase ipad

(2) Boa Push iPad case from Booq Bags: Unlike the Dodocase, the Boa push iPad messenger is actually a bag where you can put in a lot of other stuff such as an iPhone, credit cards, a notepad and pens. It is made out of durable Twylon and Nappa leather. Price: $89.95.

ipad case boa

(3) Cote et Ciel Pillow Stand iPad Grey Melange: I reviewed this iPad stand/case on Shopplr sometime ago. Unlike the other two iPad cases above, it allows you to place your iPad standing up on table so you can read it (very handy for those looking at recipes on their iPad while they are cooking). Price: 50 EUR.

(4) Hardgraft Tilt iPad Case: This elegant iPad stand and case is out of thick wool and vegetable tanned leather. It rolls into an adjustable position for typing and web browsing. The leather cover protects the screen and metal snaps keep the case closed. Price: 85 EUR.

(5) Book for iPad: similar to the Dodocase, the Book for iPad from Nedrelow is perfect for the iPad owner who worships at the altar of minimalist chic. On the inside, a 100% wool felt sleeve provides a snug fit for the iPad and the natural German felt is a sustainable and renewable material. You can have it engraved with custom text and even your logo or coat of arms for an additional cost. Basic price: $99.

nedrelow book for ipad

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