Top 5 MacBook Air sleeves

Here are my top 5 choices for those who are looking to buy a stylish MacBook Air sleeve.

(1) Hard Graft XIII MacBook sleeve

The protective case is made from 100 percent wool and its refined simplicity goes well with the MacBook Air’s clean elegant design. The understated premium leather accent with the strong signature X completes the minimal look. Price: 69 EUR.

(2) Autum Straight Jacket for MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch models

This is for the ultra minimalist purist. No zippers, buttons, strings. Just pure elegance. Handmade in the US. Exterior: domestically tanned leather; interior: suede. Price: $133 (limited production)

(3) AO Ally Capellino Brown Air Glove for MacBook Air

Available from the online Apple store, this buttery soft sleeve for the MacBook Air is made from polished natural leather, a green lightweight cotton quilted lining and a leather button with easy elastic fastening to reflect the original carrying concept from Apple. Price: 149 EUR.

(4) Shuky Par Avion MacBook Air sleeve

Shuky is a design firm based in Melbourne, Australia. Their MacBook Air sleeve looks like a manila envelope, except it is made out of leather. The interior is a soft, plush fabric that will not scratch your laptop. Price: AU$140.

(5) Leathinity hand-stitched MacBook Air sleeve (for 11-inch model)

This lovely sleeve is available on Etsy for US$83.

1. 100% handmade, hand stitched in Hongkong.
2. Material: Genuine Leather, Fine Cowhide(1.3 ~ 1.4mm brown leather).
3. Size: 32cm(L) x 20cm(W) .
5. A case fits for 11” MacBook Air.
6. You can chose BROWN stitching or WHITE stitching.

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