Limited edition DODOcase for iPad2

ipad2 case

I love my DODOcase for the iPad. And now as I contemplate replacing my old iPad with an iPad2, I must necessarily consider the purchase of a new iPad2 case. In the previous article I profiled a gorgeous iPad2 case (which is actually also a bag) from KillSpencer. But if all you want is a case (not a bag), then check out the new limited edition DODOcase for iPad2 (pictured above).

DODOcase makes a sturdy, simple and elegant case for the iPad. I have taken my iPad on travels in Asia, Latin America and Europe, and DODOcase has served me well because it is lightweight and its exterior is tough. When closed, it looks as if you are carrying a Moleskine notebook. This is important because it does not attract the attention of thieves. The new iPad2 case from DODOcase looks even better than the one I have.

Here’s a product description: Made from black and white Moroccan cloth and constructed using traditional book binding techniques, the cover of the Limited Edition DODOcase for the iPad 2 is designed to fold back to be used as a stand. The date of the iPad 2 launch is expertly detailed on the side using classic book binding foil stamping techniques. An elastic strap keeps your iPad protected while on the go. Offering a new solid core bamboo, complete with a four-piece tray design the Limited Edition DODOcase perfectly matches the curvature of your iPad 2 and provides access to all buttons and ports.

Price: $89.95. Made in the USA.

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