Max Mara’s Summer Cube is one perfect lightweight jacket

I bought my first Cube from ‘S Max Mara about two years ago and it remains the best winter jacket I’ve ever owned. It is chic, water resistant, and almost weightless. And it keeps me warm. The fact that I can fold it into a small cube and stuff it in a tiny bag, makes it the best jacket to take on your travels. The Winter Cube must have been one popular item for Max Mara because they have launched the Summer Cube.

summer cube

‘S Max Mara Summer Cube

The ‘S Max Mara Summer Cube is a collection of customizable Siberian goose down jackets, parkas and coats. It is available in different silhouettes, all reversible, which easily compress into coordinated ‘Cube’ bags. The Spring/Summer colors include chalk, light, colonial, army green, blue, red, pink and orange and is of a lighter weight than the previous Fall/Winter Cube styles. Interchangeable accessories include linen and suede crystal cuffs and hood trim – both reversible, and silk, cotton and cashmere scarves, hoods, shrugs and gloves.

max mara

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