Max Mara Pre-Fall 2011: simplicity and elegance

max mara dress

Although it is only June and the summer has barely begun, Max Mara has already released its pre-fall collection for 2011. It seems that fashion houses are selling their collections earlier each year. I am in Santiago, Chile where it is winter and I dare say, I would wear this collection here right now.

Max Mara’s pre-fall theme is simplicity and elegance, with touches of fur. The dress pictured above is as simple as it gets with no studs, sequins, fussy details or attachments. It’s just a beautiful dress in a neutral color that you can wear to the office or if for a party, accessorize with jewelry. I have chosen similar pieces from the collection (see the photos below).

max mara coatmax mara pre-fall

max mara pantsmax mara shift


Recently I posted an article about Kate Middleton’s fabulous outfit — a simple dress from Reiss — when she met Michelle Obama in London. Middleton, who is now the Duchess of Cambridge after her marriage to Prince William, seems to prefer an unfussy, elegant style which is the opposite of that favoured by other celebrities (for example, the Kardashians’ hideous “porn chic”). Since the fashion magazines and gossip rags have recently turned Middleton into a fashion icon (replacing the late Princess Diana), let’s hope that some of her style rubs off on the readers and sets a trend.

Designing simple, elegant clothes is much more difficult than creating outfits with a lot of ornamentation. Max Mara (and its other brands, SportMax and ‘S Max Mara) do this very well season after season, by using the right kind of fabric, subtlety and restraint.

To see the rest of Max Mara’s pre-fall collection, go to

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