Max Mara Fall Winter 2011: sleek, elegant retro look

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Max Mara is one of my favorite fashion design firms. They consistently make beautiful, elegant clothes. The coat continues to be their main strength. No one makes better coats than Max Mara. I have owned a few and I can attest to their beauty and longevity. They use very good wool and cashmere fabric so that even after many years of use, my coats do not look old and worn. The styles are never just for one season. Even if all you can afford is one Max Mara coat, it will be the best and longest-lasting coat you will ever own. I consider Max Mara’s coats to be a true investment.

Sadly, that is no longer true about their knitwear. I have owned Max Mara sweaters in the past. I noticed however that the quality of their knitwear has declined quite dramatically. Many of Max Mara’s sweaters are now made outside Italy using inferior wool and cashmere yarn.

The newer Max Mara knits are not as beautiful or well-made as the ones I bought seven or more years ago. This is very sad. Max Mara always had outstanding knitwear and now, their quality has diminished. Max Mara makes their knitwear in places like China but they still charge a fortune for them, as if they were made in Italy. I refuse to pay these crazy prices for inferior, made-in-China rubbish. Come on, Max Mara, what’s going on? That’s why I have kept my old Max Mara sweaters and treat them ever so gently because I cannot find any replacement for them in current Max Mara collections.


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