Astalift review: Fuji Film’s weird foray into skincare

In January 2012, Eastman Kodak, the photographic film company, filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States. One of its competitors, FujiFilm of Japan, has done better by expanding into lines of business that have nothing to do with photography. Instead Fuji has used the technologies it has developed in the film business for other purposes, one of which is skincare. That explains why it created Astalift, which is now one of the new popular skincare lines in Japan (and Asia).

This is what Fuji says on the Astalift website:

Skin ageing is caused by oxidation, a natural process which also causes photographs to fade. FUJIFILM’s advanced understanding of the process of oxidation allows it to apply its expertise to skincare products designed to combat the skin ageing and the onslaught of freckles and blemishes. The primary raw material of photographic film is made of collagen, which is also an important structural protein found in human skin. The technology of using collagen to hold together light-sensitive particles in photographic films is applied to the ASTALIFT range of beauty products created by the company. FUJIFILM also applied its proprietary knowledge of nano-technology – for exposing and colour developing in film – to allow high concentrations of nano-sized skin-nourishing ingredients to be delivered effectively and deeply in a targeted manner to different levels of the skin.

The star product of the Astalift line is the Jelly Aquarysta, a clear jelly with a lovely rose scent (see photo below).

astalift jelly aquarysta

I used Astalift’s Jelly Aquarysta for a month, together with the toner and essence, and although my skin looked good, the results did not last. It did not look any better than when I use other moisturizers and serums. The product is also very expensive and as with Japanese skincare, they advise you to use a multi-step morning and evening routine that consists of cleansing, application of the Jelly Aquarysta, toner (called “lotion” in Japan), essence (serum), moisturizer — a five-step routine. Six steps if you add the sunscreen.

Clearly this multi-step routine appeals to some women but I find it too complicated and time-consuming. Most of all I simply did not see any long-lasting or dramatic results using Astalift.

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