Clarins cleansing milk and toning lotion: gentle effective cleansing in travel friendly sizes

Clarins cleanser and toner

Clarins, the French skincare company, has been around for some time now, and although I’ve strayed every now and then to newer, trendier skincare lines, I’ve always gone back to Clarins because their cleansers, toners and lotions have always done a great job and they have never given me an allergic reaction. Recently because of my recent extreme travel schedule (Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Bhutan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Korea, Germany, Austria, France) I have been looking for travel size (i.e. airport security friendly) versions of Clarins cleansing milks and toners. Fortunately I came upon a perfect combination of the Clarins gentiane cleansing milk (100 ml) and iris toner (100 ml) at the Galeries Lafayette in Berlin. Don’t be fooled by the label on both the cleansing milk and toner claiming they are for combination and oily skins. These work perfectly for normal to dry skin and they do an incredible job taking off makeup, including waterproof mascara. I have normal skin which tends to the dry side in the winter and the oily side in the summer (or in humid climates such as that in Singapore) and both have worked very well on my skin. What I love about the cleansing milk is that unlike a soap or gel, it cleans well without making your skin feel tight and dry. The toner is a nice extra that takes off just that last bit of makeup and grime, ensuring that you go to bed with a very clean face.

You can buy the kit at the Galeries Lafayette or Clarins online (France, Germany and maybe US).

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