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If you are looking for a simple skin care routine that is effective and doesn’t break your bank account, check out Etat Pur, a French skincare line developed by Bioderma/Institut Esthederm, the same company that is responsible for the amazing Crealine micellar cleansing water, a favorite among fashionistas, models and beauty fanatics around the world. Etat Pur’s skincare system is simple: A + B.

The A refers to “actives”. An “active” is concentrated ingredient in a small air-tight vial and it is designed to address a particular skin problem. For example, if you have small dark spots on your face and you want to fade them, you would use the Arbutin active. If you want to make your skin tone more even, you would use the AHA active. If you want to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, you would go for hyaluronic acid or resveratrol.

The B refers to biomimetic skin care which consists of a series of cleansers, toners, moisturizers that are free of harsh chemicals and work with your particular skin.

Used together, you can find the best A+B combination for your the skin problems that concern you. These can change from time to time. For example in winter, you might choose an A+B combination that addresses the appearance of wrinkles and very dry skin. In the summer, you would look for a combination that includes exfoliation (AHA/citric acid: A60) and a light moisturizing emulsion (B21).

I have been using several Etat Pur products, notably the micellar cleansing water, arbutin active, 4-peptide pro-collagen active, and the melting moisturizing cream. All have been effective. The arbutin has faded my most visible dark spots, the moisturizing cream absorbs quicky and keeps my face hydrated but not greasy, the cleansing water removes makeup and dirt without making my skin feel tight and the 4-peptide active has made my face look clearer and tighter.

The prices of Etat Pur products are reasonable:

  • Eau micellaire demaquillante: cleanses effectively without stripping your skin (6.80 EUR)
  • Creme fondante hydratante: Melting Moisturizing Cream (8.40 EUR)
  • Hyaluronic acid concentrate: 14.80 EUR — many other skin care brands charge 5 to 6 times more for products containing far less concentrations of hyaluronic acid. The same applies to the other actives; they range in price from 8.60 EUR to 17.80 EUR.

Etat Pur has a concept store in Paris, not far from Le Bon Marche, on 24 rue du Regard (75006 Paris, Metro: St-Placide) where you can try their products and get advice. You can also visit the UK online store ( or the French online store (

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