Three new fragrances for spring 2013

Celebrate spring 2013 with these new fragrances. The first is truly special as it is a limited edition Guerlain fragrance to be released on May 1 as part of Guerlain’s Le Muguet (lily of the valley) tradition. In France, it has been customary to give lilies of the valley on the first of May to symbolize the arrival of spring. The green Muguet 60 ml eau de toilette bottle features a collaboration with Gripoix Ateliers to create a unique jewel inspired from a vintage set. Gripoix is a Parisian house of couture jewelry creation founded in 1869. The bottle’s jewel is created using the art of “pate de verre”, a unique skill used by only a handful of craftsmen. Only Guerlain boutiques and a small number of retailers will be selling this year’s Muguet. The price is 400 EUR, which is a bit steep but it is a limited edition fragrance.

new fragrances muguet guerlain

Le Muguet Guerlain 2013


  • Top: Green Notes.
  • Heart: Lily of the Valley, Lilac.
  • Base: Jasmine, Rose.

The second of the new fragrances is Caligna from L’Artisan Parfumeur which they describe as follows: “Caligna honours an emblematic but less well-known ingredient of the Grasse region: The Clary Sage. This fresh, sensual, woody and aromatic ingredient was the starting point for this perfume. The herbal note is enhanced by the fig and jasmine marmalade at the heart of the fragrance, to give the scent a rich and aromatic effect. The warm woody base is underpinned with pine and a resin from the lentisk plant; a distillation of the Mediterranean hillsides in Grasse.”

new fragrances caligna artisan parfumeur

Caligna from L’Artisan Parfumeur

The third of the new fragrances is a scented candle called Jonquille from Diptyque. Jonquille evokes the floral, green, natural freshness of a bunch of daffodils, picked straight from the garden. Like all Diptyque candles, this one lasts a long time and its scent is heavenly.

new fragrances spring 2013 jonquille

Jonquille scent candle from Diptyque

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