Shiseido eyeshadow review: Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio BE213 Nude

Three new Shiseido eyeshadow palettes have been launched for Fall 2013: the Luminizing Satin Eye Color trios BE213 Nude, BR214 Into the Woods, and GR412 Lido. Once again we encounter Shiseido’s mysterious nomenclature (which I mention in my review of Shiseido’s Sheer and Perfect foundation). In the case of these Shiseido eyeshadows, BE probably means beige, BR means brown and GR green.

Shiseido eyeshadow trio be213 nude

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eyecolor Trio BE213 Nude

shiseido eyeshadow gr412 lido

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eyecolor Trio GR412 Lido

shiseido eyeshadow br214 into the woods

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eyecolor Trio BR214 into the woods

I am reviewing the Shiseido eyeshadow trio Nude (BE213) in this post. The colours are subtle, not sparkly at all, and they add just a bit of sheen to your eyelids. It’s perfect for days when you want the most natural look possible. The texture of these eyeshadows is very fine but not powdery . They do not flake onto your cheeks. I had a chance to test the Lido eye shadow trio in Macy’s but I found them a bit too much. If you like dramatic eye makeup that screams EYES!, then get the Lido trio. Into The Woods is less dramatic than Lido and if applied with a light touch, you can achieve a natural look. Because the colours are still quite neutral, it’s an option for those who want something more noticeable than the Nude trio.

Shiseido’s autumn 2013 makeup looks stunning. There is a new foundation called Sheer and Perfect which I reviewed, several lip lacquers and lipsticks, a new mascara and eyebrow powder. I have been impressed by the quality of Shiseido makeup products. Shiseido’s eyeshadow powders are finely milled and have a lovely finish. The liquid foundations cover imperfections and pores; the lipsticks do not dry out your lips.

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