Top 5 new Spring 2015 foundations

Springtime is always a good occasion to change one’s makeup repertoire and there’s no better way to do this than to buy a new foundation. There’s quite a bit to choose from among the new spring 2015 foundations. I’ve selected the five foundations that I think you should try at the cosmetic counter (you MUST absolutely try them in person because you need to match the foundation shade as close as possible to your skin tone and feel its texture before you buy).

(1) Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Liquid Foundation: medium-to-full coverage foundation with a lot of colour choices, feels like you’re not wearing makeup, lasts through the day, no fragrance, gorgeous finish, covers pores.

nars foundation

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(2) Dior Diorskin Nude Air Serum: This serum-oil foundation with SPF 20 sunscreen is lightweight and comes in 8 shades. Reminds me of the Armani Maestro Fusion foundation because it uses the same dropper-style applicator and it purports to give medium to full coverage using a thin fluid. See ReallyRee Dior foundation review.

(3) Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel cream: tinted moisturizer (with SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen), lightweight, sheer coverage, good range of colours, best for drier skin. This is a good everyday tinted cream for people who actually hate foundation but don’t want to go bare-faced. See Beautypedia review of Bare Minerals gel cream.

(4) Estee Lauder Crescent White Full Cycle Brightening BB Creme and Brightening Balm: This new Estee Lauder BB cream has SPF 50 and purports to whiten and brighten your skin. BB creams are great for those who don’t want to wear heavy foundation but still need some coverage. I don’t know how the new Crescent White line of Estee Lauder differs from their Cyber White line but it doesn’t matter.

(5) Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer: This new foundation from Clinique gives you medium to full coverage and claims to be a foundation and concealer in one. In reality, most people who need to cover very dark eye bags will need a separate concealer. Nevertheless, Clinique offers 20 shades so it won’t be difficult to find your perfect match.


(1) Go to a store (and bring a hand mirror). Try the foundation on your face, preferably close to your chin so you can see if the colour is very different from your neck. I prefer to go to Sephora because its stores are usually at ground level. This makes it easy for you to check how it looks in daylight (by the window or outdoors using your hand mirror). Department stores are awful places to buy foundation. I have made too many mistakes buying the wrong shade because the light in department stores is terrible!

(2) When you decide on the matching shade, apply it all over your face and wear it for one day BEFORE you purchase the full product. This test will allow you to determine if the foundation: (a) changes colour (note: some foundations oxidise and become darker); (b) settles into your pores and fine lines, making them more visible; and (c) produces an allergic reaction.

(3) SPF or no SPF?: If you will be wearing the foundation mostly at night, you don’t need one with SPF. If you will wear it during the day, you need one with SPF or you need to wear SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen/moisturizer under your foundation.



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