Surratt Beauty Artistique eye shadow and blush review

I came across Surratt Beauty eye shadows and blushes at Sephora, quite by accident, when I was looking for neutral eye shadows that don’t have a lot of shimmer, but are not too matte either. If you have eye lids with fine lines, it’s very hard to fine good eye shadows. Most have too much glitter (thereby accentuating fine lines), but if they’re matte, they’re difficult to apply or look flat.

Surratt Beauty has the perfect eye shadows: they’re very finely milled, but they’re not powdery. They don’t fall all over your face. They have a tiny bit of shimmer, but not enough to accentuate fine lines. In other words, they are absolutely perfect eye shadows. I bought them at Sephora in New York City. They come in tiny clear plastic boxes and you have to buy an empty palette pan to fit them in. There are different sizes of palette pan. I chose a 6-pan palette and used it for four eye shadows and a blush.

The Surratt Beauty Artistique Blush is also an amazing product: finely milled, easy to apply, and natural.

surratt beauty

Top row: Rose Gold and Chamois; Next row: Greige and Ravissante; Bottom: Soft Rose blush

I was wondering why these eye shadows and blushes are so different. Troy Surratt, founder of Surratt Beauty, says that he had them made in Japan. Now, that makes sense. My Lunasol blush and powder feel exactly the same — super fine, easy to apply and natural on the skin.

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