Bobbi Brown Corrector Review

Bobbi Brown Corrector is a type of concealer (pink-based or peach-based) designed to cover redness and darker discolorations around the eyes. For people with yellow-toned skin, the peach-based correctors will look most natural; for people with more pink in their skin, the pink-based correctors will be best. For me, the Light Peach corrector is perfect for my under-eye area. I wear the “Natural” shade in Bobbi Brown’s foundations.

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This is not a typical “concealer” as the term is often used because its aim is not just to cover dark circles, tiny veins or redness, but to color-correct and neutralize the dark circles and redness.

Why Bobbi Brown Corrector is better than concealer

Let me explain. With a typical concealer, what you see after you apply it is often “raccoon eyes”, an unnatural halo around your eye area. With the Bobbi Brown Corrector in your appropriate shade, your eye area looks brighter and awake, without looking unnatural or made up. I must be the last person to find out about this product because when I wore it for the first time, I couldn’t believe its effect — looks much better than a concealer! If there’s only one product you should consider buying from Bobbi Brown (her products are expensive), it’s the Corrector.

Pros of the Bobbi Brown Corrector:

  • Better than any concealer at covering up dark circles and redness around the eye area;
  • Slightly creamy texture that is easy to apply;
  • Stays for a long time;
  • Does not sink into fine lines;
  • 20 shades (can anyone else beat that?), so most people will be able to find their perfect color corrector.

Cons of the Bobbi Brown Corrector:

  • Expensive: US$25 for 0.05 ounce.
  • May dry out in the container if you don’t shut the lid tight.

How to apply the Bobbi Brown Corrector:

The best way to apply it is with a flat concealer brush that isn’t too small. I use the Bobbi Brown Concealer Blending Brush. You have to apply quite a bit of product to cover the entire under-eye area, then pat it with very quick, little moves. The best way to find out how to apply it is to watch Bobbi Brown’s videos on her website or Hannah Martin (a Bobbi Brown makeup artist) on her YouTube channel.

Should you use concealer over the Bobbi Brown Corrector?

Bobbi Brown recommends that you apply concealer over the corrector, but I found at least in my case that it is not necessary. You have to try it on your skin and decide for yourself.

My Bobbi Brown foundation, corrector and concealer shades

Bobbi Brown foundation shade: Natural

Bobbi Brown Corrector shade: Light Peach

Bobbi Brown Concealer Shade: Natural

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