More top cool things to buy in Japan 2014 edition

I spent another month in Japan this year and discovered more cool things to buy in that wonderful country. Two developments make shopping this year better than last year: (1) The yen has dropped in value against the US dollar (in October 2013 it was around 95 yen to the US dollar; in October 2014, […]

Platinum fountain pen Urushi maki-e

This is a review of the Platinum fountain pen (Urushi maki-e)  which I bought at Ito-ya in Tokyo (Ginza district) in October 2014. Platinum is one of the three top fountain pen makers in Japan (the other two are Sailor and Pilot). I bought the Urushi maki-e pen because of the beautiful design and writing […]

Top five cool things to buy in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a shopper’s paradise. This is the place to buy things that are difficult or impossible to find outside Japan, for example, Japanese makeup and skin care products, fountain pens, exquisite paper goods (notebooks and agendas), and elegant, practical bags. Here is my list of the top 5 categories of things to buy in […]