Stationery store for vintage and quirky notebooks and cards

I love stationery: blank and lined notebooks, note cards, letter sets, calendars, agendas, pencils. Present and Correct is an online store in London started by graphic designers who love quiry design. They source many of their products from Japan, South Korea and Germany. Here are my favorites. Present and Correct 42 Melbourne Grove London, SE22 […]

Blurb Books make unique, memorable holiday gifts

Looking for a truly special gift? Why not give someone a Blurb Book? Better yet, you can make your own beautiful personal book on Blurb and give it to someone for Christmas. Go to the Blurb website, download the Blurb software, create your book and have Blurb ship it. You can also sell your book […]

See Jane Work: online shop for stylish office accessories

Tired of generic office supplies stores that sell the same ugly, gray office accessories — you know the ones Iā€™m talking about: cheap and ordered by the bulk and totally depressing to look at, perfect however for a cubicle office in Hell. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Check out See Jane Work, an online shop where […]