Cote et Ciel Pillow Stand iPad Case

I am ever on the lookout for unusual and well-designed iPad cases. I recently bought the Dodocase which I love, but this one called the Pillow Stand iPad case from Côte et Ciel would fulfill another function which is to get the iPad to stand on my lap or bed when I am watching a […]

Dodocase: best iPad case

I love the Dodocase. I think it’s the best iPad case on the market today. Made in San Francisco. It resembles a large Moleskine notebook. Your iPad nestles in a bamboo case, protecting it from dings if you drop the case.

Eye candy: gorgeous iPad case from Vaja

Looking for the most beautiful iPad cases? Check out the selection at Vaja. They’re cool, retro leather cases that do not make you look like a geek.

Make your Mac Book look like a real book

I love this leather hard-back cover for the Mac Book and the Mac Book Pro. It makes your Mac look like an old-fashioned book. You can get it for $79.99 from Twelve South, a company that creates accessories for Apple products.

Apple opens store in Paris

Apple has finally opened its first store in Paris. The location couldn’t be better: beneath the Louvre Museum in the shopping center called Carrousel du Louvre. Although Apple has enjoyed a significant share in France, it’s been a mystery to me and to many French Apple fans why Apple has delayed opening a store in […]

Cool laptop sleeves and phone cases from Hard Graft

If you own a laptop, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Moleskine notebook, Amazon Kindle and G1 phone and you’re looking for a cool new sleeve or carrying case, check out the New High collection from an Austrian firm called Hard Graft which uses Italian aniline leather and pure new wool felt for materials. There’s no reason […]

See Jane Work: online shop for stylish office accessories

Tired of generic office supplies stores that sell the same ugly, gray office accessories — you know the ones I’m talking about: cheap and ordered by the bulk and totally depressing to look at, perfect however for a cubicle office in Hell. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Check out See Jane Work, an online shop where […]

Hlaska: chic laptop bags finally come to the SF Bay Area

It’s almost impossible to find chic laptop bags. They’re either too rough and messenger-bag-ish, or they make you look like a geek. Even if you are a geek, there’s no need to walk around looking so unstylish. So I was thrilled to find that Hlaska, a men’s and women’s bag boutique, has just opened a […]