More top cool things to buy in Japan 2014 edition

I spent another month in Japan this year and discovered more cool things to buy in that wonderful country. Two developments make shopping this year better than last year: (1) The yen has dropped in value against the US dollar (in October 2013 it was around 95 yen to the US dollar; in October 2014, […]

Shopping guide: favorite boutiques in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s casual style resembles that of San Francisco. No elegant jackets with fur collars here. No Louboutin high heels. The Amsterdam look is pure raw urban street style which is the specialty of Dutch fashion company, G-Star Raw. The best clothes shopping for men in Amsterdam can be found at Diesel, G-Star Raw, and the […]

Shopplr’s favorite boutiques in San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t a fashion capital in the way that Paris and New York are (or even LA). SF style is laid-back, which means most people don’t care what they look like when they leave their houses. As a result, most serious fashion designers leave town and head for New York or Paris. But there […]

Shopplr’s favorite boutiques in Paris

It’s impossible to come up with a Paris shopping guide that fits on one page but I’ll try. Here’s a small selection of boutiques I always visit when I am in Paris. For women’s clothing, I like the modern, chic French style exemplified by agnes b. Budget versions of this look can be found at […]