Gmund: exquisite notebooks, cards and notes for the paper lover

After posting a short piece on a London paper goods shop (Present and Correct), I suddenly remembered the Gmund Papier und Druck shop I visited early this year in Munich. The Gmund store is located on the Prannerstrasse next to the Bayerischer Hof hotel. Gmund is a Bavarian paper making firm that dates back to […]

Stationery store for vintage and quirky notebooks and cards

I love stationery: blank and lined notebooks, note cards, letter sets, calendars, agendas, pencils. Present and Correct is an online store in London started by graphic designers who love quiry design. They source many of their products from Japan, South Korea and Germany. Here are my favorites. Present and Correct 42 Melbourne Grove London, SE22 […]

Rickshaw Bagworks: messenger bags inspired by urban cycling culture

Looking for a cool messenger bag that’s made locally in San Francisco and inspired by the urban cycling culture? Check out Rickshaw Bagworks. They have messenger bags of varying sizes and colors with efficiently divided pockets and slots, perfect for gadget freaks. They also have baby bags that don’t make you look like a Stepford […]

Space NK opens mini-shop in Bloomingdales SF

Space NK, one of my favorite beauty stores in London, has just opened a mini-shop in Bloomingdales’s downtown San Francisco location. Space NK was founded by Nicky Kinnaird in the mid-1990s in London. They specialize in hard-to-find skin care products and fragrances (including candles). I’ve been to Space NK’s lovely Nottinghill Gate spa many times […]

Recession special: my Clarins night cream 50% off on Ebay

In the winter, I like using Clarins Raffermisante Nuit (Extra Firming Night Cream) because my skin is drier. The cream sells for $85 at Nordstroms. So on the advice of a good friend, I decided to shop for it on Ebay. I bought it on Ebay for $38.50 including shipping. That’s 50% less than the […]

Blurb Books make unique, memorable holiday gifts

Looking for a truly special gift? Why not give someone a Blurb Book? Better yet, you can make your own beautiful personal book on Blurb and give it to someone for Christmas. Go to the Blurb website, download the Blurb software, create your book and have Blurb ship it. You can also sell your book […]

12 holiday gift-giving tips

Black Friday report from the Westfield San Francisco Center, Bloomingdales

On the day after Thanksgiving, I went to the large shopping center in downtown San Francisco, the one which has a Bloomingdales and Nordstrom’s. I went to have lunch with a friend at Out the Door, the sister of Slanted Door, in the basement food court. To my surprise, although the shopping center should have […]