Use Ebay to save on expensive hair and beauty products

Here’s a tip from a friend who buys her Jan Marini and Peter Thomas Roth skin care products on Ebay. She says that with many salons going out of business, salon owners have been putting their inventory on Ebay. I decided to test if this is true for my favorite hair product, Kerastase Mousse Nutri-Sculpt, […]

Black Friday shopping bargains: ten companies that may not survive

If you still have enough money to shop, you should check out this list of ten companies that may not see 2009 and check if they have amazing bargains: Williams Sonoma, Dillards, Bon-Ton, Rite-Aid, Talbots, Pier 1, Cost Plus, Chico’s, Pitch and Eddie Bauer. A friend of mine who went to Williams-Sonoma a few weeks […]

See Jane Work: online shop for stylish office accessories

Tired of generic office supplies stores that sell the same ugly, gray office accessories — you know the ones Iā€™m talking about: cheap and ordered by the bulk and totally depressing to look at, perfect however for a cubicle office in Hell. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Check out See Jane Work, an online shop where […]

Hlaska: chic laptop bags finally come to the SF Bay Area

It’s almost impossible to find chic laptop bags. They’re either too rough and messenger-bag-ish, or they make you look like a geek. Even if you are a geek, there’s no need to walk around looking so unstylish. So I was thrilled to find that Hlaska, a men’s and women’s bag boutique, has just opened a […]

Shopplr goes live

Today I am launching this new shopping blog called Shopplr. Why? Because it’s hard to find good boutiques for men and women that sell clothes that I (and my friends) want to wear. It’s not that we hate large department stores and chains, but we’d rather wear pieces that no one else is wearing. For […]