Three new fragrances for spring 2013

Celebrate spring 2013 with these new fragrances. The first is truly special as it is a limited edition Guerlain fragrance to be released on May 1 as part of Guerlain’s Le Muguet (lily of the valley) tradition. In France, it has been customary to give lilies of the valley on the first of May to […]

Holiday 2010 gift guide: top 5 makeup palettes

Limited edition makeup palettes make wonderful holiday presents. There’s an air of exclusivity about them because they’re available only for a short period of time and their packaging is more luxurious and opulent than regular palettes. Here are my five favorite makeup palettes for the 2010 gift-giving season. (1) Trish McEvoy: All Dressed Up Makeup […]

A first look at Spring 2010 makeup

When it’s cold and gray outside and winter seems to last forever, I cheer myself up by looking at the beautiful new spring makeup colors that we will soon be seeing in the shops. Here is my initial selection of spring makeup favorites from Dior, Guerlain and Clinique. I love the gorgeous packaging and the […]

More holiday makeup palettes: MAC, Guerlain, Clarins and Laura Mercier

You can tell the Great Recession has not receded judging from the uninspiring holiday makeup palettes this year. Compared to previous years, I did not see anything that I really had to have. If this is the maximum that cosmetics companies can do to get us to spend money, heaven help us all. The best […]

Fragrances with mystery and history: L’Heure Bleue, Givrine, Parfum de Therese

My favorite perfumes by Esme Vos on The subject of perfume is a difficult one to write about because it’s very personal, like religion. A scent can transport one to the Garden of Eden, but send another hurtling down into the depths of Hades. The reality is that each person’s skin reacts differently to […]